Improve your Abdominal Shape with Tummy Tuck Surgery

A flat and firm abdomen is considered as a hallmark of beautiful and voluptuous figure. With natural ageing process, weight loss and pregnancy, skin and abdominal muscles on the tummy become loose and weak, causing distress in both males and females. It becomes difficult to bring a protruding abdomen back into shape with diet and exercise. In such scenario, patients can opt for tummy tuck surgery performed by several Dubai based surgeons that help in achieving firm and flatten abdomen.

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery is a surgical procedure that aims at tightening the muscles present in the abdominal wall and removing excess skin and fatty tissues present over abdomen. People often relate tummy tuck surgery with weight loss surgery in Dubai, however the surgery does not aim at reducing weight. It helps in flattening the abdominal muscles instead which automatically result in reducing weight.

Procedure of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai

Reputed clinics in Dubai like Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic follow any one of three techniques for treating protuberant abdomen. Liposuction, mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck are three techniques used; the goal of the treatment and problem needs to be treated are two factors which decide which technique will work the best.

The general procedure comprises of giving anesthesia to the patients. Depending upon the technique used, surgeons usually use either general or local anesthesia. After that, incision is made at the appropriate site. Depending upon the type of surgery carried out, the site and length of the incision usually vary.

  • For full tummy tuck, incision is made horizontally between pubic hairline and the belly button around the navel.
  • For mini tummy tuck, incision is made horizontally between pubic hairline and the navel.
  • For liposuction, small incision is made along the pubic line and in and around the belly button.

Then, required alterations are made by the surgeon for improving appearance of the tummy. The alternations comprise of:

  • Tightening abdominal muscles, removing excess skin and fat of abdomen in fully tummy tuck
  • Tightening of abdominal muscles along with removing excess fat and skin from lower abdomen in mini tummy tuck
  • Removal of excess fat in case of liposuction

After making necessary changes, incisions are closed.

Best Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai at Dr Babak Hatami’s  Clinic

If you are really looking forward to get the best result from the tummy tuck surgery in Dubai, no place would be better than Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic. The most reputed cosmetic surgeon of Dubai is known for performing several abdominoplasty surgeries successfully without any complications. Not only he offers the best treatment, but the prices charged by him for several cosmetic surgeries are simply unbeatable.

He examines the patients thoroughly before starting surgical procedure and ensures to give crystal clear ideas about the expected results from the surgery. At any point of time, if patients have any confusion, they are free to ask them from the experienced surgeon.

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