Thigh Lift

Flaunt Beautiful Thighs after Undergoing Thigh Lift Surgery

It has been observed that with aging, thighs of the body become one of the most problematic areas as fat started depositing over it. Due to presence of excessive sagging skin on thighs, a person looks older and heavier. At such stages, one of the best ways to improve body contours is opting for thigh lift surgery.

Thigh lift surgery, also known as thighplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that helps in obtaining tighter, firmer and attractive thighs. The surgery reduces excess fat and skin from thighs and makes them in proportionate with lower part of the body. Expert and trained surgeons like Dr. Babak Hatami believes that the surgery is quite helpful in those patients who are having large amount of loose and hanging skin around the thighs. Thigh lift surgery in Dubai is performed on inner thigh, outer thigh and bilateral thigh.

Thighplasty Surgery Procedure in Dubai

It is an outpatient procedure duration of which varies on factors like technique used and amount of improvement required. The surgery is performed in the following procedure:

  • Thighs are cleaned thoroughly and anesthesia is given to patients.
  • As per the technique selected by him, he will make incisions on required site. For instance, in the case of inner thigh lift, a longitudinal incision is made along inner thigh. In outer thigh, incision is made in the groin extending till hip. In case of mini thigh lift, incision is made in the groin area.
  • After incision, alterations like removing fat tissues, removing excess skin and reshaping and tightening of soft tissues are done.
  • The last step involves closing of incision with the help of stitches.

Patients are advised to wear a compression garment for few weeks for minimizing the swelling. They need to keep their thigh either in a standing or reclining position. Two weeks of bed rest are suggested to patients and they are expected to resume their normal activities within 4-6 months.

Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery in Dubai

The cost of Thigh lift surgery in Dubai is determined by following factors:

  • Amount of excess skin and fat need to be removed
  • Location from where fat and skin need to be removed
  • Qualification and Experience of Surgeon
  • Overall medical history of patients

Choose Dr. Babak Hatami’s Clinic in Dubai for Thigh Lift Surgery

It is important that the surgery should be conducted by board-certified surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami of Dubai. Reason being, he possesses specialized training and experiencing in conducting these kinds of surgeries. Some other advantages patients will get by choosing his clinic over others are:

  • His clinic is well equipped with modern machines and equipment
  • His trained staff ensures to offer the best medical care to patients
  • Honest consultation is provided to patients
  • Affordable prices

So, visit his clinic and give wings to your dream of obtaining lean and firm looking thighs.

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