Scar revision

Scar Revision Surgery in Dubai

Skin is considered as the largest organ in the human body. Not only it covers entire body, it also protects the body. Anything that touches or harms our body usually poses like a scar on the skin. Burns, surgical process, injury or accidents are some factors which may lead to a scar. Being considered as a natural healing mechanism, the scars can be as small as acne and can take place at any body part. Small scars are easy to hide with several cosmetic products but people remain conscious about large ones and do not feel hitch in spending over big bucks to make them the least noticeable. And for getting the desired result, they prefer scar revision surgery.

Scar revision is a surgery which helps in reducing or improving the appearance of the scars. Anybody who does not smoke or take drugs and have scars on the body and physically healthy can opt for the surgery.

Different Types of Scars Revision Surgery
  • Acne Scar: This type of scar takes place during the puberty stage. Acne scar leaves the hollow or bumpy skin when not taken care of properly.
  • Contracture Scar: Burns gives rise to this kind of scar which makes the skin tightened. This scar affects muscles and nerves of the skin and cause immobility as well.
  • Keloid Scar: This scar looks swollen and leaves bump on the face. Common amongst people with dark skin, it is mainly caused due to heredity.
  •  Hypertrophic Scar: This scar looks red in color and leave little bump.
Scar Revision Surgery Dubai

The treatment of the scar revision surgery depends upon the degree and kind of scarring. The treatment may vary from surgical revision with advanced technique, topical treatment to minimally invasive procedure. If requires, during surgery, combination of technique is also used. Depending upon the severity of scarring, type, location and size of scarring, technique is determined by experts.

Once the surgery is over successfully, topical treatments like tapes, gels, etc., are used for closing the wounds and easing discomfort. Patients usually experience swelling for 2 weeks. The healing period is long as scar fades away with time and it usually takes several months for getting the obvious results.

Seek Expert Assistance for Scar Revision Surgery in Dubai

If you are seriously giving a thought about scar revision surgery, it is advised to seek help from expert like Dr. Babak Hatami. He is a trained and experienced surgeon, and can evaluate who is the right candidate for the surgery and who is not.

Interested candidates can get crystal clear idea from his initial consultation what would be the possible outcome of the surgery. For more details, visit his clinic.

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