Correct Ear Deformities with Otoplasty

Otoplasty, popularly known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a cosmetic procedure which helps in changing position, shape and size of the ears. The procedure is preferred by those people whose ears are stick out too far from the head, ears are bad in shape due to birth defect or injury and are large in proportion to the head. Usually done on both ears, the ear surgery can be done at any age after 5 years.  It is prudent to debunk the myth that with Otoplasty, location of ears and person’s hearing ability cannot be changed.

In Dubai, every year scores of people undergo Otoplasty at Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic and are quite pleased with the results.

Who are Right Candidates for Otoplasty?

An experienced plastic surgeon is the right person to tell who are ideal candidates for the procedure. He and his team will review the medical history of patients, especially ear condition. Then, physical evaluation of ear’s placement, shape, size and symmetry is done. Once all evaluation is done, he will explain the success rate, risks and complication to patients.

Those patients, who are considered as suitable for the procedure need to certain instruction for few days before the surgery. Avoid smoking, intake of certain medications, etc., are few instructions given to patients.

Otoplasty Procedure in Reputed Dubai Clinic

The procedure is performed both under general or local anesthesia. An incision is made either at the back of the ears or within the inner creases of ears, depending upon the technique chosen by the famous Dubai based surgeon, Dr. Babak Hatami. Once incisions are made, excess cartilage and skin is removed. Remaining cartilage is fold into proper position and sealed it with internal stitches. Once, the surgery gets over, the bandage is placed over the ear for support and protection. The surgery gets completed in a couple of hours.

After the surgery, patients experience little discomfort and itching. Pain medications are recommended if required. Patients are advised to avoid sleeping on sides and not to rub or place excessive pressure on incisions.

Why to Visit Dr. Babak Hatami’s Dubai Clinic for Otoplasty?

For getting the best results, it is necessary to seek opinion from plastic surgeon expert. In Dubai, Dr. Babak Hatami is one of the most established and esteemed plastic surgeons, who possess unparalleled knowledge of cosmetic surgeries. He has been performing surgical process of Otoplasty with utmost care and perfection. At his Dubai based clinic, he promises to offer excellent state-of-the-art care to all patients. His clinic in Dubai is considered as a reliable healthcare institution for Otoplasty.

So, without any second thought, look for an appointment today!

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