Skin, Hair & Face Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai

An undeniable fact is with the advancement of technology and acceptance of non-cosmetic surgeries worldwide, any person can get desired body shape and facial features at any age. So, if you are not satisfied with natural beauty, you can opt for different cosmetic surgeries or skin rejuvenating injections. Mesotherapy is one such non-surgical cosmetic solution that uses injections of vitamins, plant extracts, hormones and enzymes for rejuvenating and tightening facial and neck skin. Besides offering skin rejuvenation treatment, Mesotherapy is widely accepted as a successful treatment for:

  • Alopecia- It is a hair loss condition which affects both males and females. The Mesotherapy helps in stimulating the body and allows it to grow hair naturally. In Dubai, Mesotherapy for hair treatment is available at several reputed clinics.
  • Removal of excess fat or cellulite – Cellulites form in the body due to abnormal storage of fat in several areas of the body. The Mesotherapy injections break down the stored fat cells and improve the blood circulation of the particular body area.

Mesotherapy is a Greek work form from “mesos” meaning “middle”, and “therapia” signifies “to treat medically”. It is believed that the treatment aims at stimulating the middle layer of the skin, also known as mesoderm, and helps in providing relief from several other skin ailments.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Mesotherapy Injections?

In Dubai, Mesotherapy therapy injections for skin can be taken by those candidates who want to:

  • Improve texture and tone of the skin
  • Get rid of cellulite deposits on localized areas of the body
  • Regain hair growth
Mesotherapy Treatment Procedure in Dubai

If you are planning to take the Mesotherapy treatment in Dubai for facial rejuvenation, following steps will take place:

  • Patients are given local anesthesia to numb the affected area
  • A series of microinjections are given at the second layer of the skin
  • Once injections are given, creams are applied to ease discomfort

Treatment Benefits & Results

In Dubai as well as around the globe, lots of patients are enrolling themselves for Mesotherapy treatment due to its following benefits:

  • It is a pain-less and non-invasive procedure
  • No incision is made at the treated site
  • The recovery time is short
  • The results are immediate and show long time effects
  • The skin tone and texture is improved as injections stimulate the production of collagen and boosts level of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Whether you are looking for Mesotherapy injections for face or hair, the results of the treatment may vary from individual to individual. The patients need to take multiple sessions and they experience visible changes after the third session. Those who follow healthy diet and regular exercise regimen usually experience long lasting results.

Cost of Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai

The exact cost of the treatment would be determined by expert surgeon. Reason being, he will evaluate the factors like area of the treatment and how much sitting an individual requires for achieving the desired results. Thus, if you are planning to take Mesotherapy in Dubai for skin and hair, seek consultation for expert and qualified surgeon.

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