Liposuction Legs

Get Slim Legs with Liposuction Legs Surgery

Liposuction is commonly defined as a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fat deposits from various body parts. Also known as fat transfer procedure in Dubai, the procedure helps in altering body shape by removing excess fat. Whenever the term liposuction comes across, the only body part which strikes to the mind is abdomen. However, legs are other areas of the human body which are immensely benefitted from this surgical procedure.

Besides obesity, it is believed that amount of localized fat present over the legs are determined by the genes. Moreover, leg fat is mainly superficial. They do not contain any deep areas where excess fat can be stored, thus any deposition of fat surfaces quickly over the leg. Moreover, there are possible risks of injury while performing the liposuction procedure, thus it is prudent to seek opinion from expert like Dr. Babak Hatami, a Dubai based surgeon, before undergoing the surgery.

Liposuction of Legs Procedure in Dubai

There are several techniques of carrying out the liposuction procedure. Depending upon the technique chosen, the duration of the surgery varies. The traditional procedure of the surgery comprises of following steps:

  • General anesthesia is given to patients
  • Minor incision is made by the surgeon at the treated areas. Simultaneously, local anesthesia is included in the treatment for reducing risk of bleeding and pain.
  • Once incisions are made, small cannula is inserted to and fro at the treated area. This results in breaking the fat which is further suction out with syringe or vacuum.
  • Once, desired amount of fat is removed, incisions are closed.

Pre & Post-Operative Care of Liposuction Leg Surgery

Pre-operative instructions are given by surgeons to patients. These pre-surgical instructions actually help patients in getting prepared for the treatment. The pre-instructions are stopping intake of alcohol, stopping smoking, discussing medical allergies with surgeons openly, maintaining healthy body weight, etc.

Post-operative instructions comprise of patients need to wear fitted compression garment over treated legs for an overnight. Strenuous activities and exercises are avoided for few days. Keep cleaning incision sites once or twice in a day and take medication as prescribed by surgeons.


Best Results of Liposuction of Legs in Dubai with Dr. Babak Hatami

Undergoing any cosmetic surgery entails trauma as well as risk. However, the risk can be minimized when patients surrender themselves to experienced hands. Same stands strong in case of Dr. Babak Hatami. He is board-certified trained cosmetic surgeon for performing liposuction surgeries at various body parts. Based in Dubai, UAE, he is well-renowned for treating hundreds of patients with different cosmetic surgeries successfully.

Interested patients can discuss their case with him by walking down his clinic after taking appointment.

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