Lip Enhancement

Accentuate Lips Volume with Lip Enhancement

Many females show their discontentment over thin lips. It is because fuller lips always add natural beauty to their look. So, if you are one amongst those who are not blessed with fuller lips, lip enhancement surgery can fulfill your dream. Also known as lip augmentation, it is a cosmetic process of getting plumper and fuller lips. The surgery aims at increasing and improving the lips size and symmetry. Performed both with surgical and non-surgical process, it is a process which is performed with utmost perfection in Dubai based clinics. Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic is one of the surgical centers in Dubai offering a number of cosmetic surgeries including lip enhancement.

Different Lip Enhancement Process

There are several options for improving lips’ size. Some of the options include:

  • Dermal Fillers- These are substances which are injected into the lips. Because fillers are injected directly into the lips, no incision is required.
  • Fat Injections – For augmenting the lips, a person’s own fat is used. The fat is taken either from abdomen or thigh and injected into the lips.
  • Lip Implants – Implants are inserted via making incisions at the lip corners.

  Lip Augmentation Surgery Procedure

The general procedure of the surgery comprises of:

  • The treatment site is cleaned properly
  • Numbing cream is applied in some patients
  • In case of fillers, injections are inserted in and around the lips. The treated area is massaged for getting the even results. In case of fat transfer and lip implants, incisions are made for inserting the fat or implants. After insertion, incision site is closed.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement Procedure

  • Patients get attractive lips without experiencing much pain
  • No surgical mark is visible
  • Quick and long lasting results are obtained
  • It makes face as well as smile more attractive

Benefits of taking Lip Enhancement Surgery from Dr. Babak Hatami

In Dubai, hordes of clinics are offering lip augmentation surgery. However, not all of them offer the world-class services. Thus, it is prudent for patients to identify the best surgeon before undergoing any cosmetic surgical procedure.

Dr. Babak Hatami is one of the most professional and board-certified plastic surgeons, who has been performing cosmetic surgeries since over a decade. Being a trained surgeon, he knows the nitty-gritty of lip enhancement procedure and ensures to check the candidate’s suitability before suggesting the treatment to him/her. During his communication with patients, he maintains transparency regarding expected results and risks.

So, if you are looking for honest consultation, best treatment and world-class healthcare services at affordable rate, no place is better than Dr. Babak Hatami’s Dubai clinic.

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