Fat Transfer: Natural Process of Enhancing Body Contours

A human body comprises of several fat cells, which are located all over the body. However, it is not necessary that these cells contribute towards beautiful contours as their presence varies from one body part to another. For instance, some people have excessive fat over their butts and thighs whereas areas like breast and lips are not in the best shape due to low fat cells. So, with the help of natural process, the excessive fact is removed from one area and is injected into another area of the body. This natural process is known as fat transfer or fat grafting. The procedure works well over the entire body, however it is commonly popular to enhance looks of cheeks, hollow eyelids, enhance lips and breast, etc.
The process of fat transfer is gaining popularity among patients because it is less invasive, used in enhancing shape of various body parts and chances of infection or complication seldom arises. Any candidate, who has desire to add natural volume to one of their body parts and are in good health can opt for the procedure. Good health implies that his body must possess healthy tissue for harvesting and injecting, and maintains healthy blood supply to ensure quick healing.
Some of the advantages of fat grafting procedure over other surgeries are:
•Chances of rejection are quite low as fat is taken and injected into the same body.
•The procedure shows natural and long lasting results.
•It is a non-invasive and less expensive method of facial rejuvenation.
•It helps in improving contours of several body parts.
Consultation of Fat Transfer is Important

It is necessary to consult with expert surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami before undergoing the procedure. Reason being, consultation with the expert would prove beneficial as he will allay all your confusion pertaining to the surgery. He helps in determining whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery or not, whether the fat grafting procedure helps in achieving desired result or not, possible risks, expected results, total cost involved, etc.
So, it can be said that consultation with experienced and trained surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami will take you a step closer to achieve your dream figure or facial features.

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