Facial Implants

Facial Implants (Facial Sculpting) Surgery in Dubai

Well-defined facial features are considered as hallmark of physical beauty. Some people are naturally blessed with attractive features whereas others need to take help of plastic surgeries for enhancing facial contours. One such surgery is known as facial implants, which helps in reconstructing, augmenting or rejuvenating facial features like chin, cheek and jaw. At some clinic, limited and standard-sized of facial implants are available however if you walk into Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic in Dubai, you will surprise to know different shapes, sizes and styles of implants are available, suiting to every face.

Best Candidates for Facial Implants Surgery in Dubai

If you are not happy with your chin size i.e. it is small and weak and you are willing to highlight it by improving your jawline, you are good candidate for the implants. Even if you want to augment your cheeks, your chin and cheeks have lost the volume due to aging or want to correct any deformity or facial symmetry, you can consider facial implants.

Procedure of Facial Implants in Dubai

The surgery is performed by Dr. Babak Hatmi as he is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has done several facial implants surgery in Dubai successfully. Time of the surgery depends upon the number of facial implants need to done and the treatment area. The time of the surgery varies from 30 minutes to few hours. Most of the facial implants are considered as outpatient procedure and patients are allowed to go to home at the same day. Performed under general or local anesthesia, chin, cheek and jaw are considered as most common area for facial implants. However, of late, people are opting for nose and lip implant as well.

Chin Implants When the chin is not in proportion with the mid-face and forehead, chin implant is the best cosmetic procedure to increasing its size. An incision is made under the chin or inside the lower lip, implants are inserted and secured by small screws. The procedure hardly lasts for one hour.

Cheek Implants – With the cheek implant, volume to the flat cheekbones are added. By making a small incision under the upper lip, implants are placed inside the cheekbone. Available in different styles, patients need to choose style in advance for getting the desired look.

Jawline Implants – Jawline or jaw implant helps in augmenting back part of the jaw. Widening jaw implant, vertically lengthening implants, etc., are different kinds of implants available for creating more defined and fuller jaw. Implants are placed inside the mouth by creating incision under the large jaw muscle and behind the molars. The jawline implant is performed in combination with chin implant.

Implants are usually made from solid materials that are non-biologic, non-toxic and highly compatible with human tissues.

Consult Qualified Surgeon, Dr. Babak Hatami for Facial Implants Surgery

Dr. Babak Hatami, a Dubai based renowned surgeon possesses extensive experiencing with facial-reshaping procedures and face implants. His vast knowledge and rigorous training in cosmetic surgery ensures the best possible results for every patient. So, if you are investing your hard-earned money and time and looking forward for desirable results, visit his clinic today!

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