Enjoy Sex at Any Age with Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation also known as Vaginoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed on females’ private part, vagina for treating vaginal relaxation and experiencing increased sexual satisfaction. The procedure involves tightening the structures and inner and outer muscles of the vagina so that females can experience better friction during intercourse.

After childbirth, women often complain about vaginal laxity due to which they opt for the procedure. Aging is another factor for undertaking the surgery. It is a one-two hour surgical procedure performed by specialist surgeons. During the procedure, the separated muscles of vagina are bought together and extra mucosa skin, which is present at the back side of the vagina is removed. The surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia.
Facts Related to Vaginal Rejuvenation

•Sex and aging are two main reasons why female undergo Vaginoplasty. Many women experience certain problems like problems while passing bowel movements, scar tissue surrounding the vagina, experiencing strange sound while doing yoga, etc. These problems are also corrected with the surgery.

•Fortunately, there are no major risks associated with the surgery except bleeding, pain and infection.

•Patients get fully recovered with the time span of one-two week. For the first few days, they experience acute pain which goes away with time. They are advised not to use tampon or indulge in intercourse for eight weeks. Some patients are even instructed to use dilators for few weeks after the surgery.

•With age, it is a common scenario that many body parts relax and vagina is no exception. However once surgery is performed, vaginal area regains its tightness for once and all.

•It is prudent to seek consultation from an expert cosmetic surgeon. It is because the professional performs the surgery on a regular basis with high success rate.

Seek Consultation with Dr. Babak Hatami

Dr. Babak Hatami is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons of Dubai, UAE. Being a specialist in the field of reconstructive, aesthetic and plastic surgery, he treats both national and international patients with due care and diligence. Before performing the surgery, he reads the case extensively and then suggests which would be the best treatment for a particular patient. So, if you are really interested in vaginal rejuvenation surgery, seek his appointment and discuss your case with him today!

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