Dr. Babak Hatami: The Best & Experienced Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

Not only females, even male desires to get that perfect look similar to Hollywood and Bollywood

celebrities. Be it facial features, breast implant surgery or body contouring procedures, they do not mind going under the knife for getting that “killer” look. So, if you are also one amongst the same, it is prudent to plan a visit at best plastic or cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. It is because only experts can tell whether you are suitable candidate for a particular cosmetic surgery or not.

Talking about one such best plastic surgeon of Dubai, Dr. Babak Hatami is one of the distinguished leaders of the cosmetic world. He performs range of cosmetic procedures on both national and international patients by using latest equipment and technology. Let’s take a sneak peek about different cosmetic procedures he performs at his Dubai based clinic:

Facial Plastic Surgery – Face comprises of eyes, nose, cheek, chin, lips, jawline, etc. If you are not satisfied with any of these facial features, Dr. Babak Hatami is there to help you. From facial implants to facelift, eyelid surgery to lip enhancement and chin surgery to Otoplasty, he possesses expert knowledge as well as experience to perform these surgeries with precision.

Breast Surgery – Usually, women opt for breast surgeries to get the desired body shape. Some women are interested in getting bigger and attractive breasts and opt for breast augmentation surgery. While many others who are facing discomfort due to larger breasts go ahead with breast reduction surgery. Even males who face embarrassment or discomfort due to large breast prefer visiting the clinic of best plastic surgeon in Dubai for undergoing gynecomastia.

Body Contouring Procedures – Body contouring procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, fat transfer surgery reshapes the body parts like abdomen or thighs by reducing excess fat. Penis enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation are cosmetic surgeries which either increase or rejuvenate the private organs of the males and females respectively for achieving greater satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

Botox, dermal fillers, etc., are few other cosmetic procedures that rejuvenate the skin and impart youthful look. Because all cosmetic surgeries are complex, therefore patients do not think twice before visiting famous plastic surgery clinic in Dubai. Dr. Babak Hatami enjoys international repute as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai. He imparts unbiased advice to the patients regarding different cosmetic procedures. So, if you have any query, feel free to discuss the same with him.

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