Chemical Peel Improves Skin Texture and Increase Facial Glow

There are a number of ways for improving skin’s appearance. Some ways are surgical and expensive

whereas others are non-surgical and affordable. However, both are equally effective for a particular time span. So, if you are looking for treatment falling in the second category, go ahead with chemical peels.

Chemical peels are cosmetic procedures in which the damaged layer of the skin i.e. the outermost layer is peeled off.  After removing the damaged layer, patients experience smoother, younger and less wrinkled skin. The procedure is quite helpful in reducing fine lines under eyes, treating wrinkles, skin discoloration, acne and improving look and feel of the skin altogether. Besides face, chemical peels are commonly done on neck and hands. It is important to understand the fact that the peels are not suitable treatment for tightening sagging skin, removing deep scars, deep facial lines, etcc. Moreover, candidates with abnormal skin scarring, abnormal pigmentation, pale freckled skin, etc., are recommended not to undertake this treatment as it may lead to fatal results.

Different Chemical Peels for Addressing Different Skin Problems

Light, medium and deep are three kinds of peels used for the treatment. Depending upon the skin problem, your expectation from the treatment and time you are willing to invest in recovery, cosmetic surgeons use different kinds of peels. The peels vary on composition and so are there effects. The mildest peels contain alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxyl acids and phenol is a major component in deep peels. Depending upon the peels chosen, cost of the treatment varies greatly.

Consult with Experienced Surgeon to Minimize Chances of Risk

Several factors are taken into consideration before deciding which chemical peel yields the best result for a particular patient. Moreover, there are certain risks like allergic reaction, permanent discoloration, etc., are also associated with the surgery. Thus, it is important to discuss the case with experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami to avoid complications. He is one of the famous cosmetic surgeons of Dubai, UAE performing a range of skin cosmetic treatments over worldwide patients. With his consultation, patients get crystal clear idea whether the treatment meets their expectations or not. So, seek an appointment with him today only!

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