Chemical Peel

Get New Skin Texture and Tone with Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is regarded as one of the most popular ways of improving skin tone and texture. It is a process in which toxic chemical solutions are applied on the skin in a controlled manner for removing the outer layer of the skin. Primarily used for face, neck and hand, the process is useful in:

  • Improving sun damaged skin
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Revitalizing skin tone and improving texture
  • Lightening scars
  • Rejuvenating skin near mouth and eyes

In other words, the process helps in exfoliating the skin by eventually peeling it off. The chemical peel is not useful in removing deep scars, wrinkles and tightening sagging skin.

Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic in Dubai is well-known for carrying out chemical peel process with outstanding results.

3 Types of chemical Peels used During Surgery

  • Superficial Peel: Mid acid like alpha-hydroxy acid is used for exfoliating the skin gently. This peel is used when patients have mild skin discoloration and rough skin near face, neck or hands.
  • Medium Peel: Trichloroacetic acid or Glycolic acid is penetrated in the middle layers of the skin for removing damaged skin cells. Sun spots, fine lines on skin, acne scars, etc., are removed with the medium peel.
  • Deep Peel: Phenol or tricholoracetic acid is used for removing damaged skin cells. The deep peel is carried out on face only and is performed only once.

Steps Followed During Chemical Peel Surgery

At Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic in Dubai, chemical peel process if carried out by following below mentioned steps:

  • The treated area is cleansed properly. It is one of the process in which no anesthesia is given to patients.
  • Chemicals are applied on the skin
  • After application of the chemicals, skin blisters form which peel off the topmost layer of the skin. The new skin which appears on the face is clearer, smoother and less wrinkled.
  • Compresses are used on the treated area for minimizing the burning sensation.

Patients are strictly advice to followed post-surgery skin regimen on regular basis to experience the best results for a longer time. They need to:

  • Keep taking pain medications for getting relief from discomfort in case of deep peeling
  • Sun exposure should be avoided
  • Application of prescribed topical ointment
  • Application of strong sunscreen for protecting the skin from harmful sun’s UVA as well as UVB rays.
  • Keep skin moisturized

Advantages of Chemical Peel, Skin Refreshing Process

The patients will experience following benefits from the surgery:

  • It is a painless and non-invasive process
  • The process is performed within a few minutes and even recovery period is short.
  • It helps in boosting collagen’s production
  • It gives long lasting as well as immediate results.

Get Best Result at Dr. Babak Hatami’s Clinic

Although, the process is safe, it is important to contact cosmetic surgeon specialist for chemical peel treatment. Dr. Babak Hatami is a reputed and international famed surgeon in Dubai treating several patients with chemical peel process successfully in Dubai as well as abroad. So, if you are looking forward for the treatment, plan a visit at his Dubai clinic.

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