Brow/Forehead Lift

Say Goodbye to Saggy Eyebrow and Forehead Lines with Brow or Forehead Lift Surgery

Appearance of lines and wrinkles around forehead is a natural part of ageing. Along with horizontal lines at forehead, people experience little vertical lines between brows also. It not only makes a person looks older but also affect his/her self-confidence also. However, anyone can get rid of these unappealing lines by undergoing forehead lift surgery. Also known as brow lift surgery, it aims at reducing wrinkle lines developing across the bridge of the nose, between the eyes and across the forehead. The surgery even raises sagging brows, which are dropping over upper eyelids.

For talented and experienced surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami, performing forehead lift surgery with perfection in Dubai is a child’s play. Reason being, he is an expert in the field of cosmetic surgeries and has been performing these surgeries since several years.

Brow Lift Surgery Procedure

The reputed Dubai based surgeon, Dr. Babak Hatami adopts one of the two approaches while performing brow or forehead lift surgery. The two approaches are classic lift and endoscopic lift. The treated areas, expectations from the result and medical condition of patients are few factors determine which procedure is suitable for which patient.

Classic lift of Traditional Lift: Before staring the surgery, general anesthesia is given to patients and incision is made below the hairline i.e. across the forehead. The skin is lifted and the brows are repositioned. If there is any excess skin, it is removed and incisions are closed with sutures.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery: During this procedure, general anesthesia is given to patients and a number of small incisions are made along the scalp. From the incision, endoscope is inserted. With the help of other instrument, the forehead skin is lifted, muscle tissues responsible for formation of wrinkles are removed, brows are repositioned and excessive skin is removed. In the last, incisions are closed.

 Consultation with Expert is Important for Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai

It is prudent to consult with experienced surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami of Dubai before the procedure. During this meeting, patients are expected to disclose their goals, medical history and current health condition. He will examine their forehead region along with upper eyelids carefully. He may even ask to make some facial expression to evaluate the best result.

After necessary examination, he will disclose the suitability of patients for forehead lift surgery at his Dubai clinic, expected results and total cost involved. Simultaneously, he will give set of instructions which patients need to follow before the surgery. Once the surgery is over successfully, few instructions are given, which they need to follow for few days to get the best results.

So, for getting the best treatment at the best clinic and at the best prices, plan your visit today!

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