Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery Price/Cost in Dubai

Saggy breast is a heart-breaker for every woman, but it is a fact which cannot be avoided. As woman gets older, her breasts lose its elasticity and firmness. Sometimes, pregnancy and weight fluctuations also contribute towards this condition. Fortunately, with breast lift surgery performed in Dr. Babak Hatami’s clinic in Dubai, firmness of the breast can be stored.

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure performed for uplifting the breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissues. Even if nipple is pointing downwards, breast lift shows great results. It is important to debunk the myth with the breast uplift surgery in Dubai, breast size cannot be changed. Due to this reason, many patients prefer the surgery in combination with other surgical procedures like breast reduction or breast augmentation. Women with small breasts experience long lasting results with the surgery; likelihood of breast sagging remains high amongst women with larger breasts.

When to Consider Breast Lift Surgery?

Regardless of the fact you are non-resident or resident of Dubai, you can go for consultation for breast lift surgery from Dubai based breast specialist, Dr. Babak if:

  • Breasts lost volume and shape or have become flatter
  •  Breasts falls lower than the normal shape
  • Areolae point and nipple point downwards
  • Aerolae have stretched out of proportion
  • Nipples falls below your breast creases
  • Breast is asymmetrical or unusually shaped
Are you ready for Breast Uplift Surgery?

Only a trained and board certified surgeon like Dr Babak Hatami can answer this question adequately whether a patient is ready for the surgery or not. Primarily, he will review her medical history followed by physical examination. During physical examination, he will examine the breasts, placement of areolae and nipples, quality of skin tone, etc. A general idea is taken from patients what are their expectations from the surgery. Based on the reports, expected results are discussed with patients along with total cost of breast lift surgery procedure performed in his reputed Dubai, UAE based clinic.

During and After the Procedure of breast lift surgery

It is an outpatient procedure performed within the time span of 2-3 hours. Before starting the surgery, patients are given local anesthesia. Incisions are made by the surgeon at one or two areas. Deep stitches are made within the breasts to reshape the breast tissues, excess breast skin in removed, nipples are shifted to higher positions and incisions are closed with surgical tape.

Patients will experience immediate changes in the breasts’ appearance. They will notice that due to firmness in the breasts, they need to wear smaller size bra after the breast lift surgery. They might feel pain and soreness around the incision for one or two weeks. Even breasts will remain bruised or swollen for few weeks. Bending, lifting, straining and sexual activity is avoided for few weeks. Surgical support bra is recommended for few days.

For Best Results of Breast Uplift, Visit Reputed Dubai Clinic

For getting the best result from the breast lift surgery, do not feel hesitant in discussing your case with Dr. Babak Hatami. He is a renowned and experienced surgeon and will definitely give honest consultation at affordable rates.

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