Breast Augmentation/Implants

Dr Babak Hatami: The Best Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai

Getting bigger and fuller breasts has no more remained a distant dream in Dubai. With the availability of expert guidance of Dr. Babak Hatami, any woman who is feeling insecure or low in confidence due to smaller breasts can regain her beauty with breast augmentation performed in the reputed clinic of Dubai based surgeon.  Dr. Babak Hatami holds specialization in the field of cosmetic surgery and has performed several breast implant surgery both amongst Dubai and global patients.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai

The breast augmentation surgery is performed for enhancing the size of naturally small bust or restoring the bigger breast size which have been affected due to aging, weight loss or pregnancy. Even the surgery is recommended for correcting the breast asymmetry. Also known as mammoplasty and breast implants, any woman who is not satisfied with her small breast size can seek consultation from Dr. Hatami and get complete details about the surgery, implants used, cost, recovery and risk associated.

Different Breast Implants Choices for Patients

When breast enlargement surgery is performed by Dubai based breast specialists, he uses different kinds of breasts implants like saline-filled implants, structured saline-filled implants, silicone gel-filled implants, cohesive gel silicone gel-filled implants, etc. However, not all implants suit to every woman. So, for getting the best results, he determines following factors and accordingly choses implants:

  • Existing breast tissue
  • Existing body shape and mass
  • Goals for breast enhancement
  • Skin type and anatomy
  • Preferences related to size
  • Preferences related to incision placement, and
  • Medical history
Procedure of Breast Enlargement Surgery in Dubai

Primarily, the surgeon will examine whether patient is medically fit for the surgery or not. If she is fit, she needs to follow certain instructions before undergoing the surgery. The instructions like avoid smoking for minimum six weeks before undergoing the surgery, avoid intake of anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin, etc., need to be followed. It is an outpatient procedure in which general anesthesia is given to patients. A small incision is made in such area which remains less noticeable and does not showcase scars. Such area can be along the underside of breast, under arm or around the nipple. Then through endoscope, implants are placed into place. Once, implants are placed, incisions are closed.

Is Breast Augmentation surgery Safe?

Dr. Babak Hatami himself admits that many patients are quite skeptical about the safety aspect of the procedure. However, he assures every patient that the cosmetic surgery is FDA approved and absolutely safe. Moreover, in order to avoid any further complications, he suggests every patients to visit his Dubai based clinic regularly for monitoring the implants. Secondly, he put special emphasis upon choosing right cosmetic surgeon for the surgery. Only those surgeons should be considered who are board certified, hold relevant education, training and certification and have performed the breast enlargement surgery in Dubai or anywhere around the globe.

So, if you are willing to invest your time and money, and expecting satisfactory results after breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Babak Hatami in Dubai would be the best choice. You only need to take appointment in advance and feel free to ask innumerable questions about the surgery from him.

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