Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Get Refreshing Eye Appearance with Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical process that helps in removing or tightening excess sagging skin around the eyes. The procedure helps in improving appearance of the eyelids and is useful for those patients who are experiencing vision problems due to droopy eyelids. Bags under the eyes, fatty deposits that appear like puffiness in the eyelids and area surrounding the eyes are rejuvenated with the surgery. However, the surgery will not remove or lessen dark circle under the eyes or facial wrinkles. Performed on either upper or lower eyelid and sometimes on both eyelids, eye surgeon helps patients in determining which procedure is best for them.

Dr. Babak Hatami of Dubai is one of the most famous eye surgeons performing eyelid surgery amongst Dubai patients successfully from several years. Not only local residents, the great results and 100% success rate of the surgery have compelled even international patients to pay a visit at his clinic in Dubai, UAE.

Blepharoplasty Procedure in Dubai

Prior to surgery, the famous surgeon, Dr. Babak Hatami conducts detailed eye examination of the patients and makes him aware about the risks and benefits of the surgical procedure. Some pre-operative instructions are given to them which they need to follow strictly.

If the eyelid surgery is conducted for upper eyelid only, following procedure is adopted

  • Patients are given local anesthesia as it is an outpatient procedure
  • Incision is made in the natural lines of upper eyelid
  • Excess fat, muscle and skin are removed and upper eyelid crease is constructed.

The entire procedure takes place between 30-45 minutes and recovery time period varies from 5-7 days.

In most of the cases, lower eyelid surgery is performed along with upper eyelid surgery. Lower eyelid surgery aims at removing puffiness, under eye bags and fine lines. However, if surgical process is adopted for the lower eyelid, following steps are followed:

  • Local anesthesia is given to patients
  • Incision is made either inside the lower eyelid or below the lash line.
  • Excess fat tissues, skin and muscles are removed.

The surgical process gets completed in 30-45 minutes and patients usually return to work within one week’s time.

Eyelid Surgery Benefits

Although, through other cosmetic procedures puffiness and bags under eyes can be treated, eyelid surgery performed at famous Dubai clinic of Dr. Babak Hatami offers following benefits:

  • It is a safe procedure which shows long lasting results
  • It is a painless procedure of getting refreshed and rejuvenated eyes
  • It treats the vision problem caused due to sagging eyelids

For Eyelid Surgery Consultation, Visit Dr. babak Hatami Clinic

Eyes are considered as the most beautiful and delicate part of the human body. Little carelessness during the surgical process may result in permanent loss of eye sight. Thus, it is prudent to seek consultation from experienced and famous surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami, who is offering services at Dubai.

He will tell every detail to the patients along with their success chance with the surgery. So, in order to meet him, fix an appointment in advance!

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