6 Necessary Precautions Important to Follow after Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is considered as a procedure of changing the position or size and shape of the ear. In other words, it is performed to improve the functioning and appearance of those ears which are present too far from the head and are large in proportion as compared to the head.  The surgery is minimally invasive and patients are allowed to go to the home on the day of operation only. However, patients need to take few precautions after the surgery in order to avoid any complications.

Following these precautions will speed up the recovery process and expedite the process of healing:

  • It is prudent to avoid rubbing or touching the ears after the surgery for a couple of weeks. It is because it helps in preventing damaging of incisions. Moreover, if possible, try to sleep on the back so that no pressure to be put on the ears.
  • It is a common sight to see discharge i.e. small amount of fluid coming out of ear for tone or two weeks after the surgery. The discharge would be dark and thick. Small amount of fluid is easy to remove with cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide. However, if you see excessive discharge after Otoplasty, contact with medical professional on immediate basis.
  • After surgery, most of the patients experience swelling. The swelling usually lasts for 1-2 months and it is common also. In order to reduce swelling, it is advised to keep your head elevated while sleeping by keeping a couple of pillows under head.
  •  Most of the patients feel itchiness on incision lines after the surgery. Itchiness is a symptom of recovery and indicates that nerves are regenerating. In order to prevent any complication, do not scratch these incisions.
  • It is believed that ears remain numb for a few weeks and usually do not feel any sensation. Thus, it is advised to avoid extreme temperature for a month.
  • Last but not the least, eat healthy diet comprising of essential nutrients and vitamins. Avoid eating those food items which are harder to chew and prefer taking liquid diet for one month.

These are few precautions which are important to follow after the Otoplasty and are given by most of the reputed surgeons like Dr. Babak Hatami. In case, you want to undergo the surgery or facing any problem after the surgery, visit one of the most reputed clinics of Dubai, www.drbabakhatami.com


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