5 Common Types of Hand Surgeries

Hand surgeries are quite a broad term which encompasses different kinds of hand and finger surgeries. The main goals of these kinds of surgeries are restoring the functioning of the hands and fingers and making the looks of hand as normal as possible. Injuries are not the only reason for undertaking these surgeries; there are other reasons as well in which hand surgeries become inevitable:

•Degenerative changes in structure of hand
•Rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
•Congenital or birth defects
Different Hand Surgery Categories

Nerve Repair – Due to injuries, nerves in hand get damaged resulting in loss of feeling and functioning of the hands. When damaged nerves do not carry messages from or to the brain, nerve repair surgeries are performed for restoring the feeling and movements. Many injuries heal by their own while others require surgery like nerve graft.

Tendon Repair – Tendons are those fibers which join muscle to bone. Tendon injuries are outcome of trauma, sudden rupture or infection. Primary, delayed primary and secondary are three kinds of tendon repair surgeries performed. Not all surgeons can perform tendon surgery due to their complicated structure, thus it is vital to consult your case with experienced surgeon like Dr. Babak Hatami for taking final decision.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – It is a procedure performed for releasing pressure on the nerves due to which a person experiences sensation of needles and pins and numbness in the fingers.

Trigger Finger Release – Trigger finger is a condition in which the affected finger gets bend normally but stuck in a curled position. In many cases, the condition is easy to treat without surgery. However, severe cases demand surgery on immediate basis.

Joint Replacement – Joint replacement surgeries are carried out in those cases when hands are affected with severe hand arthritis. The condition is quite painful and affects normal functioning of hands. During the surgery, the artificial joint is replaced with artificial joint made from metal, silicone rubber, plastic, etc.

All these surgeries have high success rate provided they are performed by experienced and board certified surgeons. In Dubai, www.drbabakhatami.com holds one of the best positions as surgery center where a number of hands and other cosmetic surgeries are performed. So, it is advised if you are facing any problem related to hand, seek the consultation for experts like Dr. Babak Hatami and follow his suggestions for getting good results.

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